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Providing action above advice! Projects and practical services backed by years of experience working in the SME sector with a particular focus on artisan foods. We have a wide range of services to help grow and sustain your business.

Website development and branding projects for all types of business, specialising in Irish food. Affordable website solutions, content creation, graphics and imagery.



See full range of services available to all business types. Practical projects, planning and execution, designed to save your business time and money. Consulting and advice is one part of what we do, but physically managing and overseeing projects on your behalf is more what this business is about!


Practical and project based retail food consultancy services. Management systems, cost analysis. Range reviews and sourcing. Purchasing systems and stock control. Customer service advice and training. Layout, design and display. Project management of openings or refurbishments. Staff training and procedures, role reviews. Digital Marketing.


Providing practical restaurant consultancy services. Menu review: sourcing and costings. Wine list creation and review. Clear, concise easy to update menu layout and design. Consolidating suppliers, reviewing pricing and margins. Establishing order systems and stock control measures. Projects & systems to maximise efficiencies. Staff Training. Food & Wine pairing.


helping Irish Food Producers with New product development, packaging innovation and design. Costings, business planning, sales and marketing. Brand development. Local & export market opportunities, regulations, logistics, distribution.


Website creation, implementation & training for all business types


Website creation, primarily using WordPress, copy, content and effective layout, as well as training for you and your team. Revamps and new sites. Project management with external agencies and designers. For those keen on DIY, I can guide you through the process from start to finish and help with domain names and hosting and all the technical stuff and time consuming bits. I can work with existing content or create all new copy depending on your needs. I can also work on a small budget for small projects using free internet tools and work alongside you to get your site up and running.


Having created a number of successful social media pages and used effective Search Engine Optimisation tips and tricks to improve listings for other clients, I can help your business grow its online presence and effectively use analytics to see what's working and, most importantly get you the most bang for your buck if you're considering a digital spend. I hold a diploma in digital marketing and have an in-depth knowledge of how to effectively market businesses online and define and measure a strategy that works for your business.


A little bit about Issy (Elisabeth) Ryan. "I'm passionate about Irish food and about helping all types of businesses to grow, but most importantly to be sustainable. From many years of working closely with food producers, retailers, distributors and restaurants in Ireland and providing practical advice and help, I have the experience and a network of contacts to help maximise efficiency for your business.


Back in the day, before website creation was a focus for us - our own site was amongst the first made! Now we spend an awful lot of time on client projects, but we are keenly aware that we need to set aside some further time for IRC and develop this site further - we're gonna do it soon - so, more to come!


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