General Services providing solutions for your business

Practical projects, planning and execution. Designed to save your business time and money.

I provide a wide range of services for start up and established businesses. The aim is to provide practical work and advice that can help you grow or consolidate areas of your business.
From branding and overall business aims to specific and targeted projects with a wide variety of remits.
The key to my effectiveness is in understanding the needs of your business and its voice in the market and representing your message and your business effectively on your behalf.

Available services include:

    Food Business Advice

  • Overall business strategy and business plan development, management of funding applications.
  • Branding development and design
  • Packaging development and New Product Development.
  • Sales strategies, client acquisition and management.
  • Staffing, from defining job descriptions to hiring and interviews to existing role definitions and review strategies.
  • Administrative and IT solutions.
  • Logistics, including local and export.
  • Purchasing and supplier management.
  • Systems implementation, planning, oversight, management and ongoing review structures.
  • Effective layout and design to maximise both aesthetics and cost effective working environment.
  • Website development and digital marketing strategy

    From very basic website development and online social media presence and training in use, right up to managing your entire digital marketing strategy and content and tone and liasing with agencies and designers on your behalf.


I have a variety of specific services for:

  • Food Producers
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants

services to other businesses

I also offer most specifically surrounding management systems, planning, marketing and websites.

Please contact me if you don’t see what your looking for, as my speciality is in
sorting out tailor made solutions for clients.


It’s hard to be specific, as each project requires a different amount of effort, but I always offer a free initial consulting chat by phone to try and determine your needs, after which we can work together on a solution or service which fits your budget. I work both for fixed term defined project rates and daily/hourly rates, depending on what best fits your needs. I also work on a retainer basis for ongoing tasks.
I understand that resources, both in terms of time and finances can often be tight. My aim is to save your company money by working with the best suppliers or service providers and managing projects effectively, efficiently and on time.

Could the new staff member at senior level you’re considering be unnecessary? Maybe, instead you require someone like myself to initiate, plan, manage and complete a defined project on your behalf and potentially if needed train in existing or new staff once implementation has been realised.

Do you need someone that will find the best suppliers and service providers, or indeed target customers and distributors for your business? Saving you both inordinate amounts of time and gaining cost savings on your behalf.

Effective strategy and planning in all areas of your business can save everyone a lot of money, but strategy and planning is just one area where I can help, I am experienced in a host of areas of business set-up, from grant applications to premises design and layout right the way down to simple yet time consuming projects such as implementing barcode and costing details on your pos systems.