Irish Food producers

Expert advice and projects for Irish Food Poducers, overseeing specific projects on your behalf as well as a range of planning services.
New product development, packaging innovation and design.
Costings and pricing structures. Brand development. Sales and marketing.
Local & export market opportunities, regulations, logistics and distribution.
Website rennovation or re-design and digital marketing.
I specialise in working on projects on yor behalf that will allow you to focus on your business!
In terms of stragegic planning, I can help you set realistic and achievable targets to grow you business,
but most importantly, work with you to achieve a sustainable business model that is right for you and your business.

Too often in the drive for growth above all else in Irish food production, the needs of the business owner can be left behind, if growth is your aim, I can help you achieve it, but I can also look at ways to maximise efficiencies in your current business.
Practical help in areas such as sales, marketing and logistics can save you time and money – as someone who knows their way around the Irish Food Market,
I can save you time and money on any number of projects!